Socks! Shamrocks! Spring!

March has started off blustery and cold.  Brrrrrr.  But we have some help!

In our continuing celebration of service and support to our area for 111 years, we are giving out 111 pairs of socks.  Socks to keep warm with. Socks to be comfortable in.  Need socks?  Just give us a call a 518-793-0797.

We welcome our new Office Assistant, Rachel to the Family Service Association team.  She will be organizing our clothing and food distribution programs.  Stay tuned as we gear up for a special  Family First Friday event. .. held  every Friday starting in April.  We plan to distribute clothing, personal care items and have resources on hand for families who might need a little help.  All welcome.  Details will follow soon.

Our Special Needs program which helps people in crisis has been very busy these last few months.  If you are in need of assistance with housing, health needs, transportation, utitlities, please give us a call at 518-793-0797 so we can work with you on a resolution.

We are hear to help.